Bellevue Education Association

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Core Values

"The Bellevue Education Association is a professional association and union that serves as an advocate for its members and empowers the individuals it represents.  It promotes positive educational working environments, safeguards members' rights, informs and works with the extended community, provides representation on educational issues and acts to obtain the resources necessary to insure excellence in public education."





There are approximately 1,200 of us- classroom teachers, psychologists, resource teachers, counselors, occupational and physical therapists, librarians, specialists, and more.

We protect the rights of our members, advocate on their behalf, assist them in resolving conflicts, answer their questions, offer suggestions, and listen to their concerns.  It is our responsibility to negotiate with the school district on behalf of our members over wages, hours, and working conditions.  In addition, we offer professional development and training opportunities to our members in a variety of subject areas throughout the school year.


How BEA works:

BEA works when you and your colleagues get involved.  Our democratic structure increases in effectiveness as members ideas, directions, and involvement increase.

Representative Council is the monthly meeting where elected reps from each building discuss issues, make policy, and develop programs.  Any BEA member may attend these meetings.

The officers of the Association are the president and vice-president and each serve a term of two years.  These two officers and the seven elected representatives from different categories of membership comprise the Executive Board.

The Executive Board meets an average of one time per month and assists in the preparation of the budget, priorities and goals, develops programs and activities, and serves in an advisory capacity to the Association president.  However, all BEA policy is set by the Representative Council.

BEA's president receives a paid leave of absence allowing him or her to direct the organization full time.  The president works in the BEA/Sammamish UniServ office along with a staff of eight- the council President, four UniServ Reps, two field assistants, and one BEA administrative assistant.